TextureFun About Us



Hello friends, on this page, I would like to tell you the story of our TextureFun.com project.

As you know, it is getting harder and harder to find free resources nowadays.

The free resources we used in previous years are moving towards the price-oriented sales principle in the world.

Due to the scarcity of free resources, we established TextureFun.com for you with 3 of our friends in 2019. 2 friends left the project and turned to their own projects.

We had a lot of challenges, from setting up the site to creating the texture. We experienced the difficulties experienced in every project in this project.

Although it is very challenging, I continue to produce quality textures just for you.

I build joints on site with a monthly target of 50 textures.

I aim to produce 1500 free textures by the end of 2022.



We currently have more than 1000 textures on our site. We did not create these textures easily. I would like to say that we have experienced various difficulties.

While creating the textures, we created the textures by contacting the manufacturers one by one, taking the original high resolution images.

We had many interviews while shooting sample images from the producers, most of our opinions were negative, most of them positive.

We edited the producer tissue images that we received from our positive interviews in tissue programs.

We have added the best quality textures to our site for you by eliminating texture repetition and tonal errors.

One of the most important parts of our site is the textures that create a different ambiance that you will not find on any other site.

You can come across many different textures by browsing the site a bit.

You can easily download textures in 1K – 2K – 4K quality within the site.

Why High Quality Texture is required?

Using high quality textures is a must for quality images. High quality textures allow you to create higher quality 3d projects as part of your visualization process.

In this way, you make a part of realistic and quality visualization.

One of the most important steps when using Render Engines is to use textures with quality and diversity.

this is where the difference of textureFun.com emerges.

When you use quality coatings, you create better 3D visuals for your customers and improve your business environment.

Your Student Projects will be more impressive.
You can get a degree in your competition projects.
Most importantly, you can create quality images from your 3d projects and earn money.

That’s why TextureFun.com differs from other texture sites by creating different textures that are both free and of good quality.

How can you contribute to TextureFun?

You can help me with many issues that increase continuous tissue production and motivation.
With a small contribution from the boss account from the link below, a more efficient way of working will be created for me in the textures I will produce for you.



I gave you a very nice privilege on the boss account and I share links via Google Drive for you to access all textures directly.

In this way, you can directly access and download all textures.