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Easiest rendering engines for Architectural Visualization


asdAs the subject of Architectural Visualization continues to progress today, we can see that companies continue to develop themselves in architectural rendering issues.

Facilitating rendering engines and getting faster results are now becoming more important. In this article, we will talk about the easiest rendering engines in architectural visualization.

As their rendering engines evolve, they are constantly adding new features to keep the user more effective and continue to compete with their competitors.

The easiest rendering engines

In Architectural Visualization, while sorting the simplest and easy-to-use rendering engines, we have listed both the learning speed of the user and the easy interface of the programs.

The software companies add parameters that facilitate the visualization, allowing the work to be completed faster. We will tell you about the easiest-to-use rendering engines in this subject.

Below you will find descriptions of the easiest rendering engines, respectively.

Architectural visualization with Twinmotion

Twinmotion 2019, offered for free after the purchase of Epic games, seems to be the best alternative for architectural visualization right now.

It is one of the most important features that it is both free and supports many file formats.

To download twinmotion for free, visit the relevant topic.

Visit this topic for twinmotion features.

Architectural Visualization with Lumion
Regarding Architectural Visualization, Lumion took the first place in the ranking of the easiest rendering engines.

In addition to the easy use of the Lumion rendering engine, it also has many advantages.

Its advantages;
Learning the program easily with a few days of training video series about education

You can take advantage of free training videos by clicking this section.

Fast file transfer and compatibility with other programs
Simple interface that makes it easy for the user to use the program

Easy transfer from programs such as Revit, 3ds Max, SketchUp, AutoCAD, Rhino, Cinema 4D, Allplan or ArchiCAD and quickly get started with 3D visualization.

3D visualization within 15-30 minutes as a result of file transfer and adjustments (light, coating). (time varies according to the size of the project)
Go to the result quickly with its Color and Light adjustment parameters

Coming to the cons, it was sold at an expensive price, with a price of 3000 euros. One year of use is offered for students.
At the same time, demanding a good graphics card limits the use on laptops.

Impressive of the latest version of Lumion 9 below
You can watch the Architectural Visualization video.

Architectural Visualization with Enscape 3d

In Architectural Visualization, the Enscape Render engine comes second in the list of the easiest rendering engines.

One of the best features of Enscape Software is that you can get a better quality result with ease of use and details of the coating parameters.

In terms of lights, it provides easier use and more effective results.

It can work especially with Sketchup, Revit, ArchiCAD.
You can access free training videos from this section.
Direct transition to learning and visualization in a short time is one of its important features.

If we compare with Lumion render, you will get more effective results with the Enscape Render engine in coating parameters such as Reflection, Glossiness, Bump.
Easy to use and install with small file size.

Click here to read our previous article on Enscape.

Easy access with simple interface and menus
Using HDRI files externally (this feature is unfortunately not available in lumion)
Fast animation and quality results are other features.
It is offered to users with a monthly use of $ 45 and $ 679 per year.
Regarding its cons, there is no color and light adjustment parameters as detailed as Lumion.
Like Lumion software, it offers efficient operation with a powerful graphics card.

Since this type of software gives lumion and enscape real time rendering results, the effects on the video card are high. If you are going to use this type of software, you should make sure that your video card is strong.

You can watch the usage video of Enscape3D Software below.

Visualization with Corona Render Engine

In Architectural Visualization, the Corona Render Engine ranks third in the list of the easiest render engines.

Since Lumion and Enscape Render engines work in Real Time, Corona Render and the rendering engines that we will count from now on are separated in this regard.

You can get more information from the previous articles we wrote with Corona render here;

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Corona Render Technical Specifications

Since the Corona Render engine is not a real time rendering engine, it would be wrong to compare it with Lumion and Enscape.

It is a render engine that has been rendered with a processor, which has been rapidly released in the last years in the ranking of render engines.

It is one of the most used rendering engines in Architectural Visualization.
Coating settings are detailed. You can sign professional works.
The settings have been simplified more than the vray rendering engine.
The parameters on the render screen are;
You can interfere with features such as light balance, contrast, color and light saturation while rendering continues.
You can make rendering settings that are used in the Vray rendering engine, in a simplified way, without primary and secondary bounce parameters and other extra render settings.
It is sold at a price of 25 Euros per month. 3 people can use it.
You can download and use the 45-day demo version from this section without any limitation.
In this section, you can see the works taken with corona render.

You can watch the latest version of the corona render 4 video of the corona render engine below.


In Architectural Visualization, is it just enough for rendering engines to be easy?
Architectural visualization is not just enough for us users to have rendering engines easy to use.

Render engines in a short period of 1 month;
Importing models
Calling overlay and making settings
We can make parameters such as adding lights and adjusting settings.

But these are not enough to make high quality visualization.

As much as you spend on Render Engines, you should improve yourself by spending time on the topics we have told in the 3D visualization section.

We can rank 4th and 5th in Vray rendering and Unreal Engine Studio Topics, which we do not describe in this section, in terms of convenience.

Especially learning and applying Unreal Engine Engine is the most troublesome among other rendering engines. In terms of Architectural Visualization, the unreal engine engine has many different features.

In addition to being troublesome, Architectural Visualization also has features that are not available in other rendering engines. You can read about the unreal engine editor in the sections below.

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Unreal Engine Architecture
Effects of Real Time rendering engines on visualization

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