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Why is Portfolio Important in Architectural Visualization?

Portfolio in Architectural Visualization is called to bring your high quality visual works to the presentation stage and publish them on the internet.

For a quality portfolio, every work should not be included in the presentation file and you should keep only your high level works in this album.

In visualization, if you want to be one step higher than your competitors, it is important to create a Portfolio and make it ready for presentation.

In this article, I will give information about how your presentations should be in the 3d Architectural Visualization profession. With this information, you will be able to easily prepare your presentations.

Where should you publish your 3D visualization work and I will talk about what you need to consider when preparing these presentations.

Why should I prepare a portfolio in architectural visualization?

Think like this, in visualization, that is, your priority can be in any way, such as earning money, doing quality works.

You need an album to publish these works in one place and showcase your brand awareness and products.

Ask yourself the following question, whether you want to get business from outside and earn money;

Who gives you a job without the Architectural visualization portfolio where you publish your quality visual work?

The biggest step of this trust is to create an album from quality 3d visual works.


What Should I Consider While Preparing a Portfolio?

On which sites can I publish 3D Albums?

Architectural visualization and many other groups can use the site to publish your work, one of them is Turkey, which our group Sketchup.

The important point here is that the studies stand together collectively. For this, the sites I will give below will work for you.


The quality of your work does not manifest itself, as Facebook groups and pages reduce the quality of the image.
It is one of the best sites to create portfolios and publish images, so the images you upload will look like this. You can publish high quality images.
Another site is the devintart site. It is a quality site usually created by foreign supported designers.
In this section, you can upload your works and use your profile links for your portfolio.
It is a site that especially high-level 3D visual designers visit and publish their work. It is a nice feature that it gives the user a special study publishing area.

For an example, see the section I opened for the subject here.

Google Photos gives you 15 gb of storage space to your gmail address, you can categorize your 3D work and publish it here in high quality.

It is a good idea to write the necessary explanations for your 3D Projects on these sites and to fill your own information in the sections in the profile.


Finally, the best portrayal is to have your own website. The sites I have given above give a free storage area.

You cannot upload very high quality images to your own site, but it is very important in every respect to open a special web address for your own name.

3D visualization jobs

If you are doing architectural visualization or product visualization in any field, another issue is to include yourself in the 3d visualization job postings.

By posting on these job postings, you can communicate with more users. Don’t just post work on your ad for facebook and other social media.

Create a place for yourself in 3d visualization job postings sites and publish your 3d project works in these sections.