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The Importance of Details in 3D Project Subjects

Hello friends, this topic and I would like to talk to you about the importance of detail in 3D projects, and what we need to pay attention to in detail. 3D projects are also a very important issue and a particular issue to be emphasized.

One of the most important criteria of 3d visualization is to enter the details and especially to show the details of the objects you model in your 3D rendered images.

I try to explain the quality visualization stages in sections and my blog.

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The Importance of Details in 3D Project

Another important issue of quality visualization stages is the details you will add to the 3D project. I will try to explain the examples of these details to you below.

The detail is actually one of the crucial points of 3d visual works. Because it adds depth to a space and an object, it makes it look effective.

For example, when you model a vase, the effect you will get will be very different with your modeling up to the engravings on the vase model, by applying only the coating (image) on it.

There is a huge difference between the modeling of the models to the smallest detail and the visual quality that you will get on the model by only covering the visuals in the objects you model on the whole stage.

In 3D projects, very high quality results will be created by modeling the details of the models to the finest detail and combining these images during rendering.


If we diversify the examples, we can list the examples as follows;

Enter into details such as skirting boards in the interior, hidden lights and motifs on the ceiling
Modeling to the finest detail in door and window models.


You can model any model exactly as in the sample reference picture.
Modeling of the elements related to landscape and building outdoors


Adding leaves, dust puddles, puddles and any details you can think of outside.

You can duplicate the details yourself more,
briefly detailed in 3d projects;

By modeling the objects you use in the sample reference images,
It is also about the subject you will add to the 3D project from your own perspective.

Another important issue is the coating issue in 3d projects. You can read this section below.


The importance of detail in both 3D projects and veneers

Another important issue in 3D project is coating. To prepare the coating, it is first necessary to have the coating information used on the model.

For example ;

Which coating was used on the model? for example, was my wooden coating used?
Does this coating consist of a single wood coating? or is it a combination of several different coatings?


How is the effect of the wooden coating used on the model? (such as flare and aging)
Are there any features on the wood veneer that will affect the model such as pollution and aging?

Attention should be paid to details such as this and in the 3D program you use, you need to know how to make the details we have mentioned above.

3D Project is also only modeling, but it is an important part for quality visual stages in entering the coating detail on the model.


To give an example, if you are using Vray rendering engine;
Such as pollution, mixing and blending multiple coatings
Vray Dirt
Vray Mix
Important parameters such as Vray Blend should be used in the sections mentioned above. In the use of these parameters, you can reach the best result by making coating experiments on the model you have drawn.

In all your 3D project drawings, 3d project assignments, 3D housing projects, your 3d project designs, it will be beneficial for you to do high quality work and top your projects.