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Sketchup Turkiye

Sketchup Turkiye the site are also hosting have that to you with more than 450 Sketchup training video, this program is aimed at teaching the best way, and took its place among the Turkish education and social responsibility.

Program allows both ease of use and speed of our 3D designs that architects and engineers are often the programs that use it.
Thanks to this program, which was under the structure of Google at first, and then continued to develop to Trimble afterwards, you can realize your designs quickly and easily and make yourself known in the 3d world.

Sketchup Tutorial

Sketchupturkiye.com sites are also starting on installing and giving basic information to learn first of  program, the better the purpose.
The site is also next to the sketch up lessons, giving Turkish written documents related SketchUp.
More user program At the same time, it was ensured that the learned information was reinforced and learned faster by presenting download links, tutorial pages and documents within the site.

Sketchup Render

After giving basic and initial information about the  program in the site, drawings about sketchup free models are made and techniques of drawing and comprehending are explained.

After the completion  Model and drawing techniques, you are provided with information about the assignment and use of sketchup material, rendering, and sketchup lighting settings, so that the models you drew have realistic views.
In our forum address, by downloading the plugins and watching plugin tutorials, it is aimed to reach the next level of the program subject.

Again, information about the vray rendering engine, which is one of the popular rendering engines of the sketchup program, has been given, and the logic of the use of vray is explained.
Vray is currently a rendering engine that holds the title of being the most used rendering engine in 3dsmax and blender program.

Sketchup Plugin

Sketchup Vray has become the most used rendering engine in sketchup due to its ease of use and proximity to realism.
You can easily move your drawings to different programs thanks to the rich program and rendering compatibility with program.
Which is one of the different rendering engines and works in harmony with the animation-based lumion3d program.

Sketchup pro program is considered as the most preferred version of users with its compatibility and export options compared to the other normal version.

The site also includes Turkish lessons and Vray Turkish lessons, the most used 3D drawing and rendering in the market.
The video tutorials that are required for the users to use this program without difficulty are offered free of charge by selecting the engine.

At the same time, our forum address includes different rendering engines such as lumion3d, lumenrt, maxwell, vue, shaderlight, which are different rendering engines.