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Sketchup Vray Soft Asphalt Vrmat Free

The files that are presented to the users in a ready way by making all the settings of the textures are called vrmat.

These vrmat files are imported into Sketchup Vray and used in 3D Projects.

Vismat and Vrmat are presetting files that are compatible with Vray’s rendering engine.

Vismat is the former version of vrmat. Vrmat have appeared with Vray 3.0 and have since been replacing vismat. Texture files .mat are only usable with Vray for 3ds Max.

Vismat, Vrmat and .mat all have the same purpose, which is to import and export textures, reflections, brightness and all other characteristics as one file to Vray.

Now that we know the definition of vismat, vrmat and .mat, let’s take a look at their differences, when to use them, how to convert them and how to use them.

Why use vrmat and vismat ?

Sketchup Vray Soft Asphalt Vrmat Free Re-using already created materials is an excellent way to accelerate work time on Vray and in 3D in general.

Vrmat (previously Vismat) allow you to easily store, save, share and create a library of materials.

Wether using Vrmat and Vismat found online or creating your own textures, it is important to know their specificities in order to prepare a great collection of materials for Vray.

Vismat have been going around for a while and it is pretty easy to find quality materials for Vray.

It is useful to know that, when using prior versions to Vray 2.0 for SketchUp, that they are no longer supported by Chaos Group.

There are very strong chances that you are using a recent version of Vray and so, that you mostly use Vrmat.


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