The subject of PVC Floor coverings  ( Pvc Zemin Kaplamaları ) has become one of the latest trends in interior design designs.
Practically quickly transforming spaces into different ambiances and a wide variety of color patterns make this material attractive in Architectural interior designs.
It is one of the most practical styles of today that architects show their own style with their unique design capabilities with these pvc floor coverings.

What is PVC Floor Coverings?

Poly vinyl chloride ( PVC ), commonly known as “vinyl flooring”, is made for a variety of flooring products, including wood parquet and many product lines with different patterns.
It is made of a plasticized PVC formulated for use in homes and businesses. PVC is water-resistant and known for its long-term durability.
PVC is a synthetic plastic product. The raw material of all plastic products is oil.

PVC Floor Covering Types

There are three basic types of wooden vinyl flooring in the PVC Floor Coverings cons. The first two are quite traditional and have been available for decades. These are Roll Tile and Tile patterns.
Pvc Floor covering prices With roller flooring, you will get the best price and the fastest installation, although it has the least authentic look and feel.
Pvc Flooring Tiles are made in various wood parquet patterns to mimic the look of parquet flooring.
The latest wood PVC flooring is a wood style flooring known as luxury or luxury vinyl that mimics parquet floors. It is produced in the same wood look and range as it adheres to each other.

Polyvinyl Flooring, PVC Flooring and Vinyl Flooring – What’s the Difference?

PVC Vinyl floor revolving around different terms have been some confusion between these PVC floor .Bazı breast mAlArA floors polyvinyl then, others PVC floor is called.
In addition, vinyl floors are also known as vinyl composition tile flooring and luxury vinyl flooring.

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So, what are the differences between all these floor coverings?

What is PVC Flooring and What is its Relationship with Vinyl Flooring?

PVC flooring or polyvinyl flooring is nothing more than alternative terms for vinyl flooring! PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride, the material that makes up the vinyl floor.
Therefore, it is often abbreviated to polyvinyl flooring , or simply pvc vinyl flooring , which is the most common term for this particular floor covering .

PVC Floor Covering Prices

PVC floor covering prices are subject to change according to material quality and PVC flooring product range.
PVC floor coverings companies offer you a variety of prices on a m2 basis with the information they receive from the companies and wholesale prices.

PVC flooring prices vary according to what medium the material is used for and for what purpose. There is a variety of Hospital PVC Flooring and Gym PVC Flooring prices .
Working with companies that offer professional solutions that you will call on this matter affects the right measurement and the right price.





Use Free Texture, that is, to prepare a free skin and replace it. In the field of 3D visualization and among game developers,
finding a product that has no license issues and can find commercial jobs is a difficult task.
Especially in this way, a lot of time was spent on effort and effort, the requirements for free content are quite difficult.

Free Texture Site

Paid, free and has a wide archive to use in the game industry and your coating site, which will compete with its global competitors locally, has now started its activities as

In total, the most commonly used coatings are available on the site as 350 pieces.

The biggest feature of the site is that it offers these coatings in 1K – 2K – 4K resolution compared to other competitors globally.

In this way, you get a service at overseas sites, especially high quality snatches by paying a fee.

The biggest plus of the TextureFUN Site is that it also offers channels in every quality as well as providing a link to download these skins separately. These channels are a rare boon for rendering engines users and game makers.

After the sign-up screen for users, they can see which skin they have previously downloaded in their profile and what they have done in a list

You can use these quality textures in popular programs such as Sketchup, 3dsmax, Blender, Cinema4D and render engines.


Creating a Free Textures Quality Overlay is one of the basic steps in 3D Visualization . We see that many of our friends who are involved in visualization are interested in the details of the coatings created by looking at the work done in groups and pages.

Creating a Quality  Free Textures or removing channels from the coating after downloading it from any texture site is a crucial factor for your 3D project

In this article, we will explain the tasks of the coating channels and where you should use them.


It is important to remove the overlay channels and modify them on the 3D programs , to create the desired reflection and different overlay parameters.

What is PBR Material?

Physical Based Render (PBR) is a method of shading and rendering that provides a more accurate representation of how light interacts with surfaces. It can be called Physical Based Render (PBR) or Physical Based Shading (PBS). 

Why is it important to drill down?

If you use the overlays you have downloaded from the overlay sites in your work without making any adjustments, you will get an image.

As a result of rendering, the image will appear raw and untreated, hazy.

For example, when we consider wood veneer as follows, we can see that the veneer has natural properties such as roughness, segmented parts and reflection. We can create these natural features easily by using texture programs

You can give the features such as reflection of the textures (where the light reflects), roughness and segmentation by using the coating channels that we have explained in the lower part by using programs in 3d rendering engines.

In all of your work, you can use these channels on the type of texture you want. At the same time, creating a quality effect is related to how effectively you use the parameters in your rendering engines.

There are important parameters such as reducing the effect of the channels you use in rendering engines.

You need to change these parameter values ​​and bring your coating to the shades you want with the continuous test steps.

Coating Channels for Quality Coating

Coating channels are necessary for us to give a quality natural effect on the coating. These channels have the same name contrast in rendering engines. We should use the same channels in channels within the same rendering engines.

Diffuse : It is the main basic form of coating. In other words, we can not create other sub-channels without this main coating. Diffuse picture is as follow

Ambient Occlusion : It is an ideal channel for your textures to have more pronounced and more shade details. For rendering engines such as Vray and Corona, you should use this texture with the Diffuse channel. The picture below is the Ambient Occ channel.

Reflection: This channel specifies where the reflection should and should not appear. The black-and-white ratio determines where the reflection is more or less.

Glossiness : With this channel, you can control the sharpness of reflections. The following Channel is Glossiness channel.

Bump : A black and white channel used to further enhance the rough surface details in 3D software. Works less detail than normal map and Displacement map. Ideal for speed. The black and white version of the diffuse coating refers to the bump texture.

Normal Map : It is a purple color channel used to further improve the rough surface details in 3D Software. The following channel is the Normal Map channel.

Displacement: Makes depth and collapse on the surface mathematically according to the ratio of black and white tone composed of the main texture. It can be used on ground, rock, soil or surfaces where you will go into many details. The following channel is the Displacement channel.

How can we use Overlay Channels in 3D programs?

The logic and channels in Blender , 3dsmax Vray , Corona , Lumion , Twinmotion , Sketchup Vray and other rendering engines continue to be combined with the same operation. Since all have the same channels, you can add channels as in the following 3dsmax Corona Render image.

You can add the channels you have received from the programs we have given at the bottom part to the places shown below in the related rendering engines. Although there is a slight change between programs and Render engines, the logic is the same.

The result will be as follows when you use all the coatings. This way you can get different effects according to the amount of light you will use on your stage.

Wood floor covering with all channels added and adjusted

What Programs can we use to remove these channels?

The main purpose of the program below is to remove the channels of the overlays that you will add to the Diffuse channel. The programs have different usage features.
You can easily play in these programs with the shades of the coatings you add to the channels.

Although most of these programs are paid, we will introduce a free and paid one.

You can download the free Materialize  Program here .
Watch the video below for use.
With detailed settings you will get the desired effect on a lot of finishes.

Overlay Selection This is the second issue that creates quality visualization. Material settings and selection of quality finishes are important for realistic rendering.

Our first topic, Modeling, is mentioned here . If you feel weak in the modeling section, visit that topic to see what you are missing.

Texture Selection

In detail, you have finished the modeling stage and it is time to create the coating stages. The most important part in creating the coating stages is the harmony between each other in the coating as well as the same color matching.

Incompatible scenes stand directly in the eye and cause you to work with irrelevant colors and rainbow colors.

The problem of adaptation and indecision about color selection is one of the common problems experienced by the first person to begin visualization.

The biggest solution to solve this problem is to take advantage of the sample reference designs.

I would like to underline here, if you are making your own design from scratch, then you have already reached a certain stage, you have solved the color and material issues, you may not need reference pictures at this stage.

As with modeling, you may need training if you are unable to work out in material selection. Training is important and will result in a 50% reduction in your time.

In order to speed up this process, you can access our 3D Training Sets section.

But in this part, there is an important detail. If a beginner devotes his or her initial energy and effort to his or her choice of colors and coatings, the rest may have major problems, such as rendering and light trials.

It is one of the other important issues in using your energy and time efficiently on a project.

Coating and Color Samples

You can choose your favorite sample visuals and designs from the following sites about material and color samples.

Texture Settings in Render Engines

As regards material selection, the above recommendations are not sufficient to create quality visualization.

One of the most important tasks of rendering engines is that they help us to create values ​​such as reflection, refraction, relief, roughness on the objects we see in real life