Sketchup Turkiye the site are also hosting have that to you with more than 450 Sketchup training video, this program is aimed at teaching the best way, and took its place among the Turkish education and social responsibility.

Program allows both ease of use and speed of our 3D designs that architects and engineers are often the programs that use it.
Thanks to this program, which was under the structure of Google at first, and then continued to develop to Trimble afterwards, you can realize your designs quickly and easily and make yourself known in the 3d world.

Sketchup Tutorial sites are also starting on installing and giving basic information to learn first of  program, the better the purpose.
The site is also next to the sketch up lessons, giving Turkish written documents related SketchUp.
More user program At the same time, it was ensured that the learned information was reinforced and learned faster by presenting download links, tutorial pages and documents within the site.

Sketchup Render

After giving basic and initial information about the  program in the site, drawings about sketchup free models are made and techniques of drawing and comprehending are explained.

After the completion  Model and drawing techniques, you are provided with information about the assignment and use of sketchup material, rendering, and sketchup lighting settings, so that the models you drew have realistic views.
In our forum address, by downloading the plugins and watching plugin tutorials, it is aimed to reach the next level of the program subject.

Again, information about the vray rendering engine, which is one of the popular rendering engines of the sketchup program, has been given, and the logic of the use of vray is explained.
Vray is currently a rendering engine that holds the title of being the most used rendering engine in 3dsmax and blender program.

Sketchup Plugin

Sketchup Vray has become the most used rendering engine in sketchup due to its ease of use and proximity to realism.
You can easily move your drawings to different programs thanks to the rich program and rendering compatibility with program.
Which is one of the different rendering engines and works in harmony with the animation-based lumion3d program.

Sketchup pro program is considered as the most preferred version of users with its compatibility and export options compared to the other normal version.

The site also includes Turkish lessons and Vray Turkish lessons, the most used 3D drawing and rendering in the market.
The video tutorials that are required for the users to use this program without difficulty are offered free of charge by selecting the engine.

At the same time, our forum address includes different rendering engines such as lumion3d, lumenrt, maxwell, vue, shaderlight, which are different rendering engines.


Hello friends, this topic and I would like to talk to you about the importance of detail in 3D projects, and what we need to pay attention to in detail. 3D projects are also a very important issue and a particular issue to be emphasized.

One of the most important criteria of 3d visualization is to enter the details and especially to show the details of the objects you model in your 3D rendered images.

I try to explain the quality visualization stages in sections and my blog.

You can share these articles we have written on 3D visualization and 3D project topics from your social media accounts, so that the subjects reach more people. 🙂

You can reach other important topics related to this subject in detail from the following topics.

The Importance of Details in 3D Project

Another important issue of quality visualization stages is the details you will add to the 3D project. I will try to explain the examples of these details to you below.

The detail is actually one of the crucial points of 3d visual works. Because it adds depth to a space and an object, it makes it look effective.

For example, when you model a vase, the effect you will get will be very different with your modeling up to the engravings on the vase model, by applying only the coating (image) on it.

There is a huge difference between the modeling of the models to the smallest detail and the visual quality that you will get on the model by only covering the visuals in the objects you model on the whole stage.

In 3D projects, very high quality results will be created by modeling the details of the models to the finest detail and combining these images during rendering.


If we diversify the examples, we can list the examples as follows;

Enter into details such as skirting boards in the interior, hidden lights and motifs on the ceiling
Modeling to the finest detail in door and window models.


You can model any model exactly as in the sample reference picture.
Modeling of the elements related to landscape and building outdoors


Adding leaves, dust puddles, puddles and any details you can think of outside.

You can duplicate the details yourself more,
briefly detailed in 3d projects;

By modeling the objects you use in the sample reference images,
It is also about the subject you will add to the 3D project from your own perspective.

Another important issue is the coating issue in 3d projects. You can read this section below.


The importance of detail in both 3D projects and veneers

Another important issue in 3D project is coating. To prepare the coating, it is first necessary to have the coating information used on the model.

For example ;

Which coating was used on the model? for example, was my wooden coating used?
Does this coating consist of a single wood coating? or is it a combination of several different coatings?


How is the effect of the wooden coating used on the model? (such as flare and aging)
Are there any features on the wood veneer that will affect the model such as pollution and aging?

Attention should be paid to details such as this and in the 3D program you use, you need to know how to make the details we have mentioned above.

3D Project is also only modeling, but it is an important part for quality visual stages in entering the coating detail on the model.


To give an example, if you are using Vray rendering engine;
Such as pollution, mixing and blending multiple coatings
Vray Dirt
Vray Mix
Important parameters such as Vray Blend should be used in the sections mentioned above. In the use of these parameters, you can reach the best result by making coating experiments on the model you have drawn.

In all your 3D project drawings, 3d project assignments, 3D housing projects, your 3d project designs, it will be beneficial for you to do high quality work and top your projects.


In this article, we will talk about the differences between 3ds Max and Sketchup.

On the market, you can find a lot of software for 3D and graphic design. However, you can use a software or several software together so that you can do your work efficiently, both in terms of performance and quality.

In this article, we will mention the plus and old ones of Sketchup and 3Dsmax, which are the most used programs in 3D Design and visualization.

In fact, we will leave the choice of the program to you by mentioning the features of the programs instead of writing articles that make you fanatical, such as this or that program.

About the Manufacturers of the Programs?

Autodesk is the company that develops popular programs such as Autocad, 3dsmax. What is Autodesk? In our article, we mentioned this issue in detail. You can read it from that section.

“Sketchup” purchased by Trimble was previously called “Google Sketchup”. After purchase from Google, its name was changed to sketchup only.

The two biggest programs on the market are almost the same, since the two biggest software on the market are 3ds Max and Sketchup.

Key Differences between 3ds Max and Sketchup

Both programs are in popular programs for Visualization and Design.

Given both (3ds Max and Sketchup), when we look at the customer satisfaction results of this software, we are talking about a market where Sketchup will take 97% and 3ds Max will take 98%.

It doesn’t make a 1% difference here, they both seem equally popular among users.

Both (3ds Max vs Sketchup) these software are available on Windows and Mac.

Sketchup Features

When we enter all the features of the programs one by one, the list will really go on and on. Instead, it would be better for us to write down the Basic key features.

Providing detailed tools for 3D models and 2D Project drawings.
Presenting layer manager and modeling tools.
Some tools come standard in textures, lighting effects and animations.
Easy to use, short learning time
Easy correction of errors, offering the best solutions for renovation
Being the most preferred program in Architectural Visualization and Architectural design

Features of Autodesk 3ds Max

Having general animation tools and motion paths
Particle simulation.
Some detailed features like 3d render, Stage converter, Asset library, Hair and Fur changer and high DPI Display support.
Ability to do mesh and surface modeling that allows us to focus on the surface area of an object
It contains spline workflows, blended box map and Physical cameras.

Sketchup is easy to use and use compared to 3ds Max. One of the biggest pluses is that customers and most users like Sketchup UI and don’t need training to get started.
If we encounter any errors or any issues, Sketchup only provides Live support online. If at 3ds Max, if the user encounters an error or any problem, then live support, customer service support, email and contact support, and more live education is provided.
In small-scale industries, these two products capture an equal amount of market, but if we consider entrepreneurial or large-level industries, 3ds max stands out.

Download 3dsmax from the link at the bottom.

Conclusion – 3ds Max – Sketchup

As a result, it would be wrong to limit yourself to one software in today’s world. It is important for you to learn more than one program in line with your own talents and your business.

Many world-famous companies model their models with Sketchup and make the remaining renderings with 3dsmax.

They make ideal use of both programs by making use of the fast and clean modeling features of sketchup and by using the rendering features of 3dsmax.

As a result of our comparison between 3ds Max and Sketchup at the top, a user can choose 3dsmax software if they are doing business in the entertainment industry and want to be effective in animation.

On the other hand, if the user is interested in modeling, designing, doing new things, he should choose Sketchup. Because it doesn’t have to spend a lot of time to learn.

Since both programs have high quality visualization, there are rendering engines that you will add, the quality result is proportional to one’s own skill and the time he devotes to this work.

Read other topics about this article here;

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The best programs for architects
Easiest rendering engines in visualization

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You can work with us for high quality visuals in 3D visualization, 3D architectural project and 3D architecture. We offer you high quality visuals of your projects. All you have to do is send your projects to your e-mail address at the top.

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In order to make 3D career plans, you should choose the departments that will improve yourself in the field of 3D modeling. We tried to write in detail below what you need to pay attention to these sections and what.

You can write your comments about this sector in the comments section. 🙂

3D modeling is the creation of 3-D models using computer software, making projects and any other object a presentation.

It also helps people to understand a product and projects more clearly with 3D representation.

It is a technology used in various fields such as 3D modeling, video games, films, architecture, illustrations, engineering and advertising. The processes and tools used for modeling will be different for each application.

Numerous software is available for 3D modeling.

How can a career be established in this profession?

Today, we will discuss the careers in 3D modeling. As we have seen above, this vast technology area constitutes a great and safe career for professionals.

Those who deal with 3D modeling are often known as 3D modeling. The technologies used in 3D modeling are updated every day.

Professionals who choose this career should stay up to date with the latest versions of software and technologies.

A 3D modeling specialist who does not follow the updates and does not update himself will always be left behind in his field.

3D modeling serves a wide range of industries;

Game development companies
Video production companies
Software Companies
Graphic design companies
Manufacturing companies
Engineering service companies and different sectors.

In 3D modeling, you can target the companies in this list for your career, you can train yourself on this subject. For the next section, we will explain what you can do about education.

Training for Developing a Career in 3D Modeling

The training required for a 3D modeler varies depending on the industry or area in which they plan to work. For example, a 3D view of an object can be designed by a video game company for game development.

It may also be designed by a manufacturing company to process the same product. This is due to the fact that professionals need different qualifications and knowledge in both areas of use.

Those who want to create 3D models for video games and animations should go to 3D animation courses or art courses. In addition, before studying these 3D tools and courses, you can get a preliminary training for the area you want to advance to make your career more secure and rooted.

For 3D modelers planning to work for architectural and engineering applications, it would be beneficial for them to complete a 2-year university in this field. It will be useful to learn some technical information and to take care of important elements such as project reading in this section.

For example, if a person wants to work in a manufacturing company, he or she needs a mechanical degree or a mechanical degree. After the degree, you can take professional courses for different tools and software.

Understanding 3D modeling tools will be an added advantage to securing your career.

Career Path in 3D Modeling

Most 3D modeling jobs combine key ideas and the latest technologies and play an important role in a variety of entertainment and engineering wondrous designs.

Even if 3D modeling is a competitive area, this is a great career path for any individual who plans to choose the 3D modeling area.

The career path in 3D modeling can be categorized according to your experience and knowledge. Because choosing this profession and improving yourself depends on experience.

If you have just chosen this job, you can work as a trainee in companies and then move to permanent position. Based on your experience and knowledge, you may receive better salaries in the future.

For a safe and lasting career in 3D modeling, the first thing is to enter a well-known company. If you work for a well-known company, you may receive more rewards and compensation for your work.

Learning and updating yourself with the latest technologies and tools is the next important step for a better career in 3D modeling.

Working as a self-employed is another option to make your career path stable and strong. You can start your own business and even work freelance for different customers from your own home or office.

Application Areas for Career in 3D Modeling Video Games, Game Industry

Video oyunu geliştiricileri, oyun karakterlerini ve avatarlarını tasarlamak için 3D modelleme yazılımlarını kullanır. Bu teknoloji oyun geliştirmede önemli bir rol oynar.

Özellikle son yıllarda popüler hale gelen, mobil oyun sektörü büyük çıkış göstermektedir. Oyun sektörüne yönelmek ve bu konuda büyüme aşamasında olan firmalarla bağlantı kurmak sizin kariyeriniz için bir seçenek olabilir.

Özellikle ücretsiz olarak sunulan Blender Yazılımı ile oyun sektörüne adım atabilirsiniz. Blender hem içeriğindeki özellikleri ve ücretsiz sunmuş olduğu render motorları ile en iyi seçeneklerden biri olarak gözükmektedir.

Farklı seçenekler olarak Modellemeyi öğrendikten sonra, Unreal Engine, Unity gibi bir oyun motoruna yönelebilirsiniz. Bu sektör devamlı öğrenme ve kendini geliştirme üzerine kurulu olduğu için, sürekli eğitim ve öğrenme içerisinde olmalısınız.

Production, Product Design

Product design and modeling, as well as product development, are made by manufacturing companies. A lot of 3D modeling software is available for product modeling and assembly. 3D modeling software gives the designer an excellent perspective when modeling the product.

In particular, working in product design companies will have a different perspective for your career. In order to make product design, you need to develop yourself in 3D modeling software and related field and give importance to education.

Architectural Areas

This is the area where 3d modeling is most used in our country. You can design prototype and concept models of buildings and structures using 3D modeling software.

Civil engineers and architects can use these software for better planning and development of projects. 3D modeling experts can prepare exactly what the building looks like in different environments.

This will help to finalize the final product and help minimize errors.


The animation industry can also be listed as a strong field for a 3D career. Because preparing animation and preparing it for presentation is a situation that requires expertise.

In the sector, it is difficult to produce both less and quality works dealing with animation business. Because to come to the animation stage, you need to learn both modeling, software and many points in the animation stage.

At the same time, it is an important criterion to have the equipment necessary for animation.


Another important area that uses 3D modeling is the film area. Animated films and films that use 3D graphics are common nowadays and include 3D models.

Characters, objects, places and spaces are made ready for films using modeling.

Salary in 3D industry

On the way to 3D Career, as we have already mentioned, the salary of the 3D modeling specialist is based on the individual’s experience and skills.

Unfortunately, there is no criterion in this regard in our country. The salary you receive in this field varies from field to field. The price you will get from the film industry will be very different from the price you will get in architectural visualization.

Since there are too many 3d modeling experts in the Architecture and Construction sector in our country, prices will show a little low in this regard, but turning to the other sections mentioned above will strengthen your career and salary.

Article Frequently asked questions?

3D modeling programs? There are many modeling programs on the market, you can choose Sketchup as the easiest and Blender program for free.

What is 3D modeling? by using modeling programs, your project or your designs to give a certain volume, ready to present the presentation.

3d modeling price? We have given detailed information about 3d project prices in this section.

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Creating a Quality Overlay is one of the basic steps in 3D Visualization. We see that many of our friends who are involved in visualization are interested in the details of the coatings created by looking at the work done in groups and pages.

Creating a Quality Coating or removing channels from the coating after downloading it from any coating site is a crucial factor for your 3D project.

In this article, we will explain the tasks of the coating channels and where you should use them.

It is important to remove the overlay channels and modify them on the 3D programs, to create the desired reflection and different overlay parameters.

What is PBR Material?

Physical Based Render (PBR) is a method of shading and rendering that provides a more accurate representation of how light interacts with surfaces. It can be called Physical Based Render (PBR) or Physical Based Shading (PBS).

Why is it important to drill down?

If you use the overlays you have downloaded from the overlay sites in your work without making any adjustments, you will get an image.

As a result of rendering, the image will appear raw and untreated, hazy.

For example, when we consider wood veneer as follows, we can see that the veneer has natural properties such as roughness, segmented parts and reflection. We can create these natural features easily by using coating programs.


You can give the features such as reflection of the coatings (where the light reflects), roughness and segmentation by using the coating channels that we have explained in the lower part by using programs in 3d rendering engines.

In this way, you can make your work much better quality.
In all of your work, you can use these channels on the type of coating you want. At the same time, creating a quality effect is related to how effectively you use the parameters in your rendering engines.

There are important parameters such as reducing the effect of the channels you use in rendering engines.

You need to change these parameter values and bring your coating to the shades you want with the continuous test steps.


Coating Channels for Quality Coating

Coating channels are necessary for us to give a quality natural effect on the coating. These channels have the same name contrast in rendering engines. We should use the same channels in channels within the same rendering engines.

Diffuse: It is the main basic form of coating. In other words, we can not create other sub-channels without this main coating. Diffuse picture is as follows.



Ambient Occlusion

It is an ideal channel for your coatings to have more pronounced and more shade details. For rendering engines such as Vray and Corona, you should use this coating with the Diffuse channel. The picture below is the Ambient Occ channel.



This channel specifies where the reflection should and should not appear. The black-and-white ratio determines where the reflection is more or less.


With this channel, you can control the sharpness of reflections. With this channel you can adjust how smooth and how sharp the transition will be. The following Channel is Glossiness channel.




A black and white channel used to further enhance the rough surface details in 3D software. It works with less detail than normal map and Displacement map. Ideal for speed. The black and white version of the diffuse coating refers to the bump coating.

Normal Map:

It is a purple color channel used to further improve the rough surface details in 3D Software. The following channel is the Normal Map channel.



Makes depth and collapse on the surface mathematically according to the ratio of black and white tone composed of the main coating. It can be used on ground, rock, soil or surfaces where you will go into many details. The following channel is the Displacement channel.

How can we use Overlay Channels in 3D programs?

The combination of logic and channels in Blender, 3dsmax Vray, Corona, Lumion, Twinmotion, Sketchup Vray and other rendering engines continues with the same operation. Since all have the same channels, you can add channels as in the following 3dsmax corona rendering image.

You can add the channels you have received from the programs we have given at the bottom part to the places shown below in the related rendering engines. Although there is a slight change between programs and Render engines, the logic is the same.



The result will be as follows when you use all the coatings. This way you can get different effects according to the amount of light you will use on your stage.

Wood floor covering with all channels added and adjusted

What Programs can we use to remove these channels?

The main purpose of the program below is to remove the channels of the overlays that you will add to the Diffuse channel. The programs have different usage features.
You can easily play in these programs with the shades of the coatings you add to the channels.

Although most of these programs are paid, we will introduce a free and paid one.

You can download the free Materialize Program here.
Watch the video below for use.
With detailed settings you will get the desired effect on a lot of finishes.

Pixplant It offers a rich usage with parameters to increase and decrease the effect on all channels and channels.
Watch the video below for details about the program. It has a more practical usage, it is paid. You can download the trial version here.


You can work with us for smooth and quality 3D visualization services.

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You can work with us for high quality visuals in 3D visualization, 3D architectural project and 3D architectural subjects. We provide you with a visual quality of your projects. All you need to do is to send your projects to your e-mail address at the top.


In this article, we will talk about the best Photoshop plug-ins you will use in Architectural Visualization after rendering is finished.

Our friends who have followed our site about Architectural Visualization have seen that we have told many topics in this section. If you ask why I gave this section, Architectural visualization has many steps.

The Photoshop part is the last step. Before coming to this step, you will have a better grasp of the steps in that section and you will get better quality results.

After completing the topics we have explained in the 3D visualization section, it will be useful for you to switch to the photoshop section.

Best Photoshop Plugins for Architectural Visualization

The best Photoshop plug-ins for architectural visualization are features that make your work easier and enable you to quickly apply effects.

Although there are many add-ons for this job, we used only the most popular photoshop plug-ins.

After you receive the rendering, the rendering result is given to you as a raw image. By processing this raw image, you can create better light, better color gradation, better shade, and on-demand images.

Adobe Camera Raw

Adobe Camera Raw was previously available as a plug-in. The latest versions of Photoshop now come as standard. If your photoshop version does not have Camera raw, you can download and install it from this section.

You can access the Camera Raw menu from the Filter menu in Photoshop. The best Photoshop plug-ins are free in the ranking, that is to say in the first place because photoshop came in.

Adobe Camera Raw is an image processing software whose main function is to process raw images captured by digital cameras. Here Raw describes the raw image, its main purpose is to process images taken by cameras.

We can easily use these features in our Render Images.
It is a plug-in that I prefer because of its fast tools.

Photoshop Camera Raw Features:

  • Ability to find raw data from camera
  • Support for processing raw files and metadata processed on the camera
  • Support for camera-loaded data sources
  • Fotoğraf makinesinin nasıl bağlandığına bağlı olarak alınabilecek fotoğrafları veya videoları seçme yeteneği

Nik Collection

Nik Collection is one of the most popular Photoshop plug-ins in the design industry. The collection consists of seven amazing Lightroom and Photoshop plug-ins, each running independently.

Nik Collection was paid free by changing hands after 2018, which was previously free. It supports the following features with a $ 500 price tag. You may be able to find previous versions for free.

For use, you can watch the video below.

  • Analog Efex Pro: Allows you to discover the classic look of analog cameras, film scenes and lenses.
  • Color Efex Pro: A collection of filters for color correction, retouching and effects.
  • Dfine: Allows you to process your image with noise reduction (noise reduction).
  • Sharpener Pro: Provides a detailed tool to reveal sharpness details of your pictures.
  • HDR Efex Pro: Process your pictures and turn them into artistic HDR photos.
  • Viveza: Allows you to adjust the hue and color of the image without using masking or selection.
  • Silver Efex Pro: Turn your photos into stunning black and white images with controls inspired by dark rooms

Topaz Studio

Topaz Studio is a very advanced Photoshop Plug-in that supports many products in itself.

What is Topaz Studio?

Topaz Studio is a fast, flexible, powerful plug-in. Provides advanced editors for photographers.

Topaz Studio is an easy-to-use editing platform with Topaz Labs’ renowned photo enhancement technology. It works both as an independent editor, a plug-in in Lightroom and Photoshop, and a host application for other Topaz plug-ins; which means it works exactly the way you want.

Topaz really comes with many useful features, these products are as in the following image.

Denoise AI: Topaz DeNoise AI eliminates annoying image roughness while preserving image detail so you can shoot safely in any situation. Render Our images are also called noise, ideal for roughness.
Gigapixel AI: In Photoshop, you should use this feature to enlarge photos without losing detail. With AI’s power (artificial intelligence), you can enlarge your photos up to 600% while maintaining excellent image quality.
Sharpen AI: Sharpen AI is an application that sharpens (sharpens) photos without distorting image details. You can create clear images even when shooting by hand or when shooting at night.
JPEG to RAW: Convert JPEG to high quality RAW for better editing.

Magic Bullet Suite

Magic Bullet Plug-in offers the same Topaz Plug-in powerful tools, rendering the resulting image into different shades and cinematic images.


It allows you to balance your photos with powerful color adjustments. You can enter details of color correction with accurate simulations of lens filters and film stocks.


You can give Hollywood movie effects to your photos. With the tools in the Magic Bullet Suite, your photos can be instantly matched by film contrast and sophisticated color palettes for big budget movies. You can achieve great results in seconds with customizable tone settings.


You can quickly balance skin tones, reduce wrinkles and remove skin blemishes. Magic Bullet Suite makes cosmetic cleaning quick and easy and gives natural results.


Protect your shots from video noise (noises) caused by shooting in the dark or at high ISO values. Magic Bullet Suite can remove noise while preserving details in your shots.

As a result, should these plugins always be used?

All of the add-ons we have written in the article and the add-ons that you will use in the market have been produced for photographers. We use these plug-ins to improve our own rendering images.

In fact, if you are a good user of photoshop, you can get a good result by processing your raw rendered image without needing any photoshop plugin. But in some cases, Photoshop plug-ins are really speeding things up and you can get good results with the built-in effects.

Many of these add-ons do almost the same functions as friends. Other than that, most of the work is the same, in general there are different features such as color adjustments, sharpening, and eliminating the roughness that we call noise during rendering.

Using one of the above-mentioned plugins in a good way, your work will ensure better quality.

If you have Photoshop plug-ins that you use in architectural visualization, you can leave them in the comments section below.


You can work with us for smooth and quality 3D visualization services.

If you want to work with us in a professional manner in the above-mentioned issues, you can send your projects to and get instant feedback.

You can work with us for high quality visuals in 3D visualization, 3D architectural project and 3D architectural subjects. We provide you with a visual quality of your projects. All you need to do is to send your projects to your e-mail address at the top.


In the Sketchup Vray interior work, some criteria must be considered in order to set sufficient lighting logic in the interior. In this article, I will talk about how you should follow the lighting logic.

You can use this logic in all rendering engines.

In Sketchup vray interior work or any rendering engine work, users have always sought a trick. Or they think that there is a “trick” that we don’t know, but you can capture enough light indoors with the natural lighting technique and a few camera settings.

Of course, lighting is a different subject oluştur to create quality visual ”is a very different subject, just knowing the logic of light does not mean that you will create quality visual.

Although visualization is a very comprehensive topic, we have touched on many topics in 3D visualization.

When you read all of them and you can come up with very good results.

There is a situation that applies to all rendering engines. In this way, you can capture the desired amount and quality of lighting in the work.

Sketchup Vray to understand the logic of the interior: From the sample model

We will use the Sketchup Vray Next Render Engine in the rendering tests of this model. Logically the same procedure applies to all other engines. The same settings apply to Sketchup Vray versions 3.4 and 3.6 and to other rendering engines.

I will give you information about how to illuminate. You can download the model file from the link I will give at the end of the topic. Step by step we will determine how the lighting will be in this subject.

The Sketchup vray interior I found online is on the Ready Model, and most models don’t have an overlay. In this part, I will only touch on the light part, so we will see how light placement and lighting will be.

If you want to complete in the first kaplamalarını other models, Sketchup, our results give us your address Turkey group also link the work you have done over these issues paylaşabilirsiniz.grubu can also make a critical review and further develop yourself.

Sketchup vray interior model (top) from the left to the outdoor image, you can see the interior layout image on the right.

Because we do not cover the glass part of the window on the stage, a light source will not enter.

Therefore, first apply a glass coating from the ready-made coating library onto the glass model to make it a glass coating. If you are not familiar with these steps, first log into the program by following the Sketchup Vray Next tutorials in this section.

First, we will continue to use sunlight as the most natural light source in this scene. To position the sunlight through the window, adjust the sun at the Scene 1 viewpoint with the solar north plug.

You can watch our video here for shadow settings.

After you assign the glass coating to the glass model, you can press the Render button without making any adjustments and the image will be lightened as below.

Note: Don’t wait, there is no rush, we continue to illuminate the stage. 🙂

At this stage we can see that the light is still insufficient. Here we will now use two different methods, the first method is to use rectangular light source from the outside of the glass to the inside.

Also do not forget to mark the invisible part of the light settings.

The next step will be to adjust the camera settings in the Sketchup Vray Next settings.

In this sketchup vray camera settings, the camera settings are especially well-known for the professional camera user.

Notice that I set the value of 300 to 60, increasing the amount of light that will enter the camera.

In order to prevent the explosion of the amount of light in the scene, I pulled the ISO value to a figure like 160. I ensured that the scene was illuminated as follows.

At the same time, it becomes difficult to control the light and the coating details on the models are lost.

What is Nois? Roughness on the stage due to lack of light.

Because too much light to hit the coating prevents the details from appearing and distorts the clarity.

When you make these settings, your Sketchup vray indoor scene will be effective as follows.

You can see that our scene is more illuminated with the Vray settings we made. We can see that there is still a quality problem on the side of the scene. This is because we get the normal quality rendering in the quality settings. Setting this to high or very high will solve the problem.

But this part is not important to us for now, our main goal is to adjust the light balance in a controlled way. Now you need to do the other setting, VRAY FRAME BUFFER window, which is located on the bottom left of the rendering screen and press the folder icon.

Show Corrections Control, when you press this section, the right side of the window will open a menu like the following. This section of the settings that we can make with Photoshop is a window and contains useful tools for us.

In this part, we can easily make the light balance that is missing on the stage. You can find the same settings on the rendering window of the 3dsmax Corona Render Engine.

When you look at the settings made in the first visual and the last visual, you can see that the amount of light on the visual is balanced on the stage.

Customizing such settings on Vray settings will produce different results.

Some of our friends are looking for ready-made indoor scene settings. Because these settings are personal and different for each scene, the preset vray settings you have used will have no effect on your scene, but will cause you to work more on the scene.

Therefore, many people do not get enough results when they apply their preset settings to their own work.

In the Sketchup vray interior work, you can see in the study that there are still some places that need to be solved about light due to the lack of adjustment of the coatings and rendering at low settings.

Adjusting the in-scene settings to high-quality settings (high or very high) and increasing the resolution, as well as rendering the resulting rendering result with light and color balance in programs such as Photoshop will be the solution.

You can maximize your settings with the following image. This will make the amount of light in the rendering more bright for dark areas. Of course, an important point here is that the amount of light on the stage is natural.

As an example of this work, you can add visual richness to the work by using extra lights in the kitchen worktop.

Vray Indoor Settings result?

Sketchup vray indoor Learning the logic of lighting, changing the values ​​to make tests by comparing the resulting results is a good way for you to continue. With these techniques, you can achieve very good results by taking more robust steps.

In our example model above, you will see a raw image because all of the models’ coatings are not adjusted.

But when you have made all the settings and the color balance of photoshop and the visual effects you will throw in the background with the result will be as follows.

You can bring the result of the rendering to different results with the programs in the best Photoshop Plug-ins for your Architectural Visualization works that we mentioned in this topic.

You get to review the results of studies Sketchup Turkey by publishing our group as well.

Download the work scene here. The work file belongs to Xuân Khánh.
I used this study as an example because it was shared as Free in the social environment.


Hi friends, I want to tell you about the importance of detail in 3D projects and what we need to pay attention to in detail. In 3D projects , detail is a very important issue, and it is an issue that needs to be emphasized.

One of the most important criteria of 3D visualization is to enter the details and show the details of the objects you model in 3D rendering visuals .

I’m trying to explain the quality visualization stages in chapters and in my blog.

You can share these articles we have written on 3D visualization and 3D project topics from your social media accounts, so that the topics can reach more people. 🙂

You can reach other, important issues related to this subject in detail from the following topics.

Importance of Details in 3D Project

Another important issue of quality visualization stages is the details you will add to the 3d project . I will try to explain examples of these details to you below.

Detail is actually one of the crucial points of 3d visual studies. Because it adds depth to a space and an object, it makes it look effective.

For example, when you model a vase, the effect you will have will be very different if you model it up to the embroidery on the vase model.

There is a big difference between the modeling of the models to the smallest detail and the visual quality you will get on the model with only visualization.

3d projectsModeling the details of the models to the finest detail and combining these images during rendering will produce very high quality results.

If we diversify the examples, we can list the examples as follows;

Enter into details such as baseboards indoors, hidden lights and motifs on the ceiling
Modeling to the finest detail in door and window models.
You can model any model exactly as in the example reference picture.
Modeling outdoors landscape and structure-related elements to the details You need to add
leaves, dust, puddles and any details you can think of outdoors.

You can replicate the details yourself,
3d projects in detail;

Example reference verbatim objects you use in your visual to model
the same time, from your own perspective 3d project is related to the subject you to the floor.

Another important issue is the coating issue in 3d projects. You can read this section below.

The importance of detail in 3D projects and coatings

Another important aspect of the 3D project is coating. In order to prepare the coating, it is necessary to have the coating information used on the model first.

For example ;

Which coating was used on the model? for example, was my wood veneer used?
Does this veneer consist of a single veneer? or is it a combination of several different coatings?
What is the effect of the wood coating used on the model? (such as glare and tumbling)
Are there any characteristics on the wood veneer that affect the model such as pollution and tumbling?

Attention should be paid to such details, and in the 3D program you are using, you need to know how to make the details mentioned above.

In 3D Project, only modeling is an important part for the quality visual stages in the detailing of the coating on the model .

For example, if you are using a Vray rendering engine ; Important parameters such as
pollution, mixing and blending of multiple coatings, such as
Vray Dirt
Vray Mix
Vray Blend
 , should be used in the sections mentioned above. Using these parameters, you can achieve the best results by making coating experiments on the model you have drawn.

All of your 3D project drawings, 3d project assignments , 3D housing projects , 3d project designs that we have mentioned above, all the details mentioned above will help you to get high quality work and your projects to be at the top.