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Career in 3D Modeling ? What should be considered

In order to make 3D career plans, you should choose the departments that will improve yourself in the field of 3D modeling. We tried to write in detail below what you need to pay attention to these sections and what.

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3D modeling is the creation of 3-D models using computer software, making projects and any other object a presentation.

It also helps people to understand a product and projects more clearly with 3D representation.

It is a technology used in various fields such as 3D modeling, video games, films, architecture, illustrations, engineering and advertising. The processes and tools used for modeling will be different for each application.

Numerous software is available for 3D modeling.

How can a career be established in this profession?

Today, we will discuss the careers in 3D modeling. As we have seen above, this vast technology area constitutes a great and safe career for professionals.

Those who deal with 3D modeling are often known as 3D modeling. The technologies used in 3D modeling are updated every day.

Professionals who choose this career should stay up to date with the latest versions of software and technologies.

A 3D modeling specialist who does not follow the updates and does not update himself will always be left behind in his field.

3D modeling serves a wide range of industries;

Game development companies
Video production companies
Software Companies
Graphic design companies
Manufacturing companies
Engineering service companies and different sectors.

In 3D modeling, you can target the companies in this list for your career, you can train yourself on this subject. For the next section, we will explain what you can do about education.

Training for Developing a Career in 3D Modeling

The training required for a 3D modeler varies depending on the industry or area in which they plan to work. For example, a 3D view of an object can be designed by a video game company for game development.

It may also be designed by a manufacturing company to process the same product. This is due to the fact that professionals need different qualifications and knowledge in both areas of use.

Those who want to create 3D models for video games and animations should go to 3D animation courses or art courses. In addition, before studying these 3D tools and courses, you can get a preliminary training for the area you want to advance to make your career more secure and rooted.

For 3D modelers planning to work for architectural and engineering applications, it would be beneficial for them to complete a 2-year university in this field. It will be useful to learn some technical information and to take care of important elements such as project reading in this section.

For example, if a person wants to work in a manufacturing company, he or she needs a mechanical degree or a mechanical degree. After the degree, you can take professional courses for different tools and software.

Understanding 3D modeling tools will be an added advantage to securing your career.

Career Path in 3D Modeling

Most 3D modeling jobs combine key ideas and the latest technologies and play an important role in a variety of entertainment and engineering wondrous designs.

Even if 3D modeling is a competitive area, this is a great career path for any individual who plans to choose the 3D modeling area.

The career path in 3D modeling can be categorized according to your experience and knowledge. Because choosing this profession and improving yourself depends on experience.

If you have just chosen this job, you can work as a trainee in companies and then move to permanent position. Based on your experience and knowledge, you may receive better salaries in the future.

For a safe and lasting career in 3D modeling, the first thing is to enter a well-known company. If you work for a well-known company, you may receive more rewards and compensation for your work.

Learning and updating yourself with the latest technologies and tools is the next important step for a better career in 3D modeling.

Working as a self-employed is another option to make your career path stable and strong. You can start your own business and even work freelance for different customers from your own home or office.

Application Areas for Career in 3D Modeling Video Games, Game Industry

Video oyunu geli┼čtiricileri, oyun karakterlerini ve avatarlar─▒n─▒ tasarlamak i├žin 3D modelleme yaz─▒l─▒mlar─▒n─▒ kullan─▒r.┬áBu teknoloji┬áoyun geli┼čtirmede ├Ânemli bir rol┬áoynar.

├ľzellikle son y─▒llarda pop├╝ler hale gelen,┬ámobil oyun sekt├Âr├╝┬áb├╝y├╝k ├ž─▒k─▒┼č g├Âstermektedir. Oyun sekt├Âr├╝ne y├Ânelmek ve bu konuda b├╝y├╝me a┼čamas─▒nda olan firmalarla ba─člant─▒ kurmak sizin kariyeriniz i├žin bir se├ženek olabilir.

├ľzellikle ├╝cretsiz olarak sunulan┬áBlender┬áYaz─▒l─▒m─▒ ile oyun sekt├Âr├╝ne ad─▒m atabilirsiniz. Blender hem i├žeri─čindeki ├Âzellikleri ve ├╝cretsiz sunmu┼č oldu─ču render motorlar─▒ ile en iyi se├ženeklerden biri olarak g├Âz├╝kmektedir.

Farkl─▒ se├ženekler olarak Modellemeyi ├Â─črendikten sonra, Unreal Engine, Unity gibi bir oyun motoruna y├Ânelebilirsiniz. Bu sekt├Âr devaml─▒ ├Â─črenme ve kendini geli┼čtirme ├╝zerine kurulu oldu─ču i├žin, s├╝rekli e─čitim ve ├Â─črenme i├žerisinde olmal─▒s─▒n─▒z.

Production, Product Design

Product design and modeling, as well as product development, are made by manufacturing companies. A lot of 3D modeling software is available for product modeling and assembly. 3D modeling software gives the designer an excellent perspective when modeling the product.

In particular, working in product design companies will have a different perspective for your career. In order to make product design, you need to develop yourself in 3D modeling software and related field and give importance to education.

Architectural Areas

This is the area where 3d modeling is most used in our country. You can design prototype and concept models of buildings and structures using 3D modeling software.

Civil engineers and architects can use these software for better planning and development of projects. 3D modeling experts can prepare exactly what the building looks like in different environments.

This will help to finalize the final product and help minimize errors.


The animation industry can also be listed as a strong field for a 3D career. Because preparing animation and preparing it for presentation is a situation that requires expertise.

In the sector, it is difficult to produce both less and quality works dealing with animation business. Because to come to the animation stage, you need to learn both modeling, software and many points in the animation stage.

At the same time, it is an important criterion to have the equipment necessary for animation.


Another important area that uses 3D modeling is the film area. Animated films and films that use 3D graphics are common nowadays and include 3D models.

Characters, objects, places and spaces are made ready for films using modeling.

Salary in 3D industry

On the way to 3D Career, as we have already mentioned, the salary of the 3D modeling specialist is based on the individual’s experience and skills.

Unfortunately, there is no criterion in this regard in our country. The salary you receive in this field varies from field to field. The price you will get from the film industry will be very different from the price you will get in architectural visualization.

Since there are too many 3d modeling experts in the Architecture and Construction sector in our country, prices will show a little low in this regard, but turning to the other sections mentioned above will strengthen your career and salary.

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